Valuing Maintenance and Care

At what point do we honour the labour of maintenance on par with innovation and growth? I recently stumbled upon the article Maintenance and Care by Shannon Mattern of the New School. I love her survey of the growing interest in the work of maintaining infrastructure, information, relationships and homes.

Image: Smithsonian Institute

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Ancient Wisdom Practices and the Next Economy

BuddhasizedIt’s not often in the middle of the workday, or at a business conference, you see a circle of colleagues in suits participating in a session of meditation practice. But that is exactly the type of activity some organizations, such as Google, are beginning to use to empower and de-stress employees. How much can this practice contribute to shifting organizations to the next low carbon economy?

Dr. Bronwen Rees, Director, Centre for Transformational Management, at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School in the UK, recently presented her research on mindfulness and business management at Sustainability Applied 2013 in Mississauga, ON, hosted by Bloom Centre for Sustainability. She also got everyone doing sitting and walking meditation—an interesting shift out of ‘standard work mode.’ Listening to Dr. Rees, there is a fit between the collaborative, circular economy we need in future and the practices of focused attention and awareness found in Buddhism and other spiritual paths. Continue reading

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